Appraisal – Mediation
Professional experience and an understanding of human nature are essential to resolve difficult and complex claims during the appraisal or mediation process. The ability to thoroughly investigate all the facts and circumstances surrounding the disputed loss comes from a complete and accurate understanding of the policy and settlement procedures. Finding common ground between the disputing parties takes professionals with the experience and confidence of past successes. We bring a team of experts to the table with their years of policy claim experience, "real life" claim handling in the field, and negotiation experience.

When the need arises for an unbiased party to fairly and impartially conclude a claim in appraisal, please consider The Walch Group as your umpire of choice.

The Walch Group offers consultation services to insurance companies, adjusting companies, insurance defense firms, and federal servicing agencies. Our team of insurance experts can share their experiences and knowledge to assist you in resolving a challenging issue, designing a better process, developing a strategy to resolve a particular situation, or growing your company.

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